You have a quick visit on the Southisland and only time to visit the 5 most beautiful spots? Here we go: It took me 3 weeks with the car to get around the southisland. I wouldn’t take less time, rather […]

5 most beautiful places in New Zealand, Southisland

How to become a better photographer? What made you believe you are the king of the world? What makes you feel so happy that it feels like your body is on fire? What is it that gave you that inspiritation? […]

Perspective change

You have a quick visit on the Northisland and only time to visit the 5 best spots? Here we go: Northisland Nr. 1 is Napier Napier impressed me from the first second to the last second. Just at the Waterfront […]

5 most beautiful places in New Zealand, Northisland

Wanna travel through Germany? You have a few days in cologne? From November until February is the German Carneval – try to avoid to be there at the 11 of November. It’s crazy at this time. Unless you wanna see […]

3 days in Cologne

Namibia is a country of open space, it is  wild and untouched. There aren’t many citys in Namibia, if you love to see a lot of different landscape this is the right country for you. Arrived at the airport in […]

Namibia – the most beautiful desert

Berlin, the capital of Germany.  A big city with history! I recommend to visit Berlin in October, why? Because of the festival of lights!   ⇓ All my friends went to Berlin and everyone told me: „oh it was great, the […]

5 days in Berlin

A roadtrip from Brisbane to sydney offers you so many opportunitys. Where should I go? What should I do? Australia is just to big. My stops: Brisbane, Gold coast/ surfers paradise, Mt. Warnings, Byron Bay, Yamba, Evans Head,  Arrawarra beach, […]

Roadtrip from brisbane to Sydney