New Zealand – Picton – the heart of the southisland

If someone would ask me right now where I wanna live for the rest of my life, I would say Picton. Even if I have the feeling I need to do more traveling. This town is like a magnet. So beautiful. No other town made me feel comfortable like this town. I started work in LeCafe, it’s right on the opposite of the beach. Picton got the smalest beach I’ve ever seen. Every day before I went to work, I stoped at the beach to look at that adorable landscape.

the smallest beach in the world

the smallest beach in the world









Traveling teached me to listen to my feelings, recognize myself, open my mind and think about things they never seemed possible before. Do the things that makes you happy. Be happy and everything around you gets into a positive vibe. Be the person who you wanna be, you are beautiful just the way you are.

There are some opportunitys to get some flats in picton. I lived with a Kiwi for a while. One day he came to order a beer and my work mate said to me:“that’s Heath, he got a house, if you are looking for a flat you should ask him“ and I didn’t understand why but I said;“ Oh really, yeah I take it, when can I move in?“ „don’t you wanna see your room first? Maybe you don’t like it“…. upps…. Well I liked this guy from the first second on, so I thought why should I waste my money on the hostel.  I would go back anytime, we’ve done some shit together 😉  but anyway, there are some bushwalks in Picton, just in town, easily to find. Once there was a seal in the water and played around. Heath went once with me on a road trip for one day.

Tirohanga track, Governors bay, Bobs bay, Snout Track, Karaka point, Waikawa Bay are right in town. There is no need to get there with the car or bus. You can do a diving licence in town or go for kayaking, rent some bikes, go for whale watching, oh there is a lot of stuff to do in this town.

Abel Tasman. I’ve made a roadtrip to Abel Tasman, there are some different hiking walks you can choose, some friends of mine took the inland hiking walks. I walked a long the coast and I loved it, my friends regret they didn’t. Even before you get to the national park it looks stunning, Motueka, that’s what the town called, very beautiful.


Rabbit Island isn’t far away from Motueka. It got a huge beach and a lot of sandfly’s, tiny little things, they bite you and suck your blood, the bite get so itchy it’s driving you crazy. They are like a vampire, they come out when it gets dark and during the day they hide from the sun. You are not allowed to stay over night on rabbit island, it’s kind of like a nature reserve. There is only one coffee shop on Rabbit island, it’s on the lake. Rabbit island isn’t very big and there are only a few streets, you will be able to find everything easily.

Nelson Lake is also a special place. You have to go through St. Arnaud which is the smalest town i’ve seen so far. When I got to the Lake I was completly by myself, nobody was there.

One insider tip: On the way back from nelson to picton, 20 mins away from picton, turn left in Havelock and go up north, there are one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Marine reserve, St Omers bay, picnic bay, momorangi bay, cowshed bay and a lot of other places. Camping places next to the beach. It’s quiet, not many travelers go up there, not many people live up there. It’s like a mountain reserve and it’s called Marlborough Sounds.

The Green Stone – a jade stone of new zealand. The only place where you can get it from because it’s the only place where it exist. You are not allowed to buy it by youself, otherwise the stone won’t work, someone else has to buy it for you, It is Maoris tradition. I’ve got mine from a workmate from LeCafe for my birthday, I was so proud. You can buy them in any size or form.

Just south of blenheim is Marfells beach, there is a camping place as well. On the way to Kaikoura you drive for hours without even seeing a house or anything else. The Eastcoast was absolutly adorable for me. I rather would be on the Eastcoast than the Westcoast, a lot of people prefer the Westcoast.

Kaikoura is popular for its whale watching, but I never went, I recommend it though. There is a big green stone shop in Kaikoura, just on the left side when you come from up north. Got a lot of other shops as well. Good coffee shops.







Hanmer Springs is popular for its Hot springs and they are beautiful, absolutly beautiful. Unfortunatly I don’t have pictures. The Hot Springs are in town and easily to find. The parking place is a little bit small though.

Hot springs

The town itself is like in the middle of a forest, it made me feel like beeing somewhere else than in new zealand. No question, it is absolutly wonderful but it was so different to anything else I’ve seen so far. There are a lot of Restaurants and Bars in town, on that night everything was very busy so I decided to cook for myself.

After a couple of weeks I decided to leave Picton and continue with my journey. Wooah that was heartbreaking, some tears went down my face, even after a couple of weeks I had that wierd feeling in my stomach. But the world doesn’t stop to turn around, new adventures, met new people, seen some old friends.

Über Maren

Hey Guys. traveling the world is definitly not boring! my life is full of adventures, funny storys and a lot of excitement. people that you meet, things that you do, places you find, there is so much going on, but especially I found to myself, I figured out who i'm and what I want. traveling gave me something that nothing else could, it changed my life completly in a positive way! to find out more just read my articels :) enjoy yourself and have a lovely time! cheers maren

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