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Hey Guys

Traveling the world is definitly not boring! My life is full of adventures, funny storys and a lot of excitement

Traveling is to live, learn to love, have a broken heart and fall in love again, traveling is not to give up everything you have, traveling is to get more than you ever expected to have!

people that you meet, things that you do, places you find, there is so much going on, but especially I found to myself, I figured out who I’m and what I want. traveling gave me something that nothing else could, it changed my life completly in a positive way!

Why the Blog?

Because I like to share my experience. I’ve been on Traveling from April 2015 to May  2017 without going home once. And I do plan some more traveling. Every traveller got other experience, visited other places and met other people. And no traveling will be the same as the other one. It just feels great to give ideas to other travellers.

About myself

I’m Maren, I grew up in Germany, I come from the alps (south germany) I live close to Bodensee.  I’m riding horses since I was a little girl and it is still my passion, something I would love to do everyday for the rest of my life 🙂

I was always impressed of the world. Other cultures and countrys are so interesting and amazing. I always wanted to see the world, I always had the feeling I need to go and see something different than my hometown. I only started traveling and the amazing part is I still got to see everything.


I love going on an adventure, explore new things or try something new. Hiking, riding horses, riding a motorbike/ 4-wheeler, camping trips/ roadtrips, I love everything with a bit action in it.

Some friends invited me to come with them, the idea was to sleep on the beach in New Zealand. One of the best things I’ve ever done.

A Guy that I was staying with in South Africa went with me to a national park to watch the wildlife and we were sleeping on top of the car with only sleeping bags.

Beeing on a lonely beach and having a fire going, watching the stars, sleeping in the car in front of the hostel instead of going inside and sleeping in the bed, going for a ride on a horse and swim in a sea, or go for a ride with a 4 wheeler,… some things I love to do

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