Bodensee – the most popular sea in Germany

Bodensee is a big sea, it is part of three Countrys: Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Meersburg is one of the citys, more like a town, at the Bodensee. Meersburg got a castle, the Meersburg (Seacastle), where you can book tickets for a tour with a view over the sea. You can go for a nice walk next to the sea. By clear weather you can see the Alps and they always got snow on it. Imagine a nice day,  the sun is going down and the sky gets red behind the mountains. Wow.

I had the feeling to get thrown back in time in this city, it just felt like holiday, a really calm down city. Definitly worth it to see on your way through Germany

Of course you can go swimming, some places are for free and some you have to pay for it. Enjoy the coffee shops and restaurants at the seafront.


I recommend the Valentino restaurant. The restaurant is directly at the seafront  with heaps of other restaurants and coffee shops.  It is an italian restaurant with lots of different choices and good prices. From Pizza to Pasta, from Steak to Flammkuchen. Flammkuchen is a  typical german meal. The basis of a Flammkuchen is a thin bread dough and you can put different things on it, you bake it in the oven and ready is it for you. The Restaurant is directly at the seafront you have a beautiful view over the sea, outside as inside if the weather get’s bad.

You can take a Ferry from Meersburg to Konstanz. The Ferry goes every 10 minutes, 7 days a week and it is very cheap. It depends on how big your car is, but it will be in between 8 – 15 euro plus the passengers.

Konstanz is a bit bigger than Meersburg.

In the city centre is a bridge and you can jump from that bride into the water. I know it sounds scary but it gives you the right adrenalin kick. Just make sure there are no boats under the bridge.

jump from that bridge








Sea life: to watch some interesting fishes, sharks and other water animals you have to visit the Sea life centre. It is in the middle of the city centre, really easy to find. Check out the website for more information Sea life Konstanz

Once a year, in summer time, is the Seenachts fest (Sea night party) they build a stage on the sea and they have an incredible firework with the right music playing. It is an awesome show to watch and every year they show something different. You have to buy an entrance card for it, it isn’t for free. If you are in Konstanz at that time of the year, don’t miss out of it.

You will find lots of coffee shops, bakerys and restaurants in the middle of the city centre. For myself I like the seafront of Meersburg better than Konstanz.

Island Reichenau

is an non touristic place. Unfortunatly there aren’t many places to go for swimming but luckily there is one and it is beautiiful as.

There is also a kiosk, it offers coffee and newspapers and little snacks. For the ones who need more than a snack there is a restaurant just across the street.

It’s a perfect vacation spot.  You can choose a hotel at the seafront in a quiet area. The Hotel is called the seafront hotel.

Über Maren

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