Perspective change

How to become a better photographer?

  • What made you believe you are the king of the world?
  • What makes you feel so happy that it feels like your body is on fire?
  • What is it that gave you that inspiritation?

Photography makes me feel alive.

When I was on travelling everything was so excited and interesting, I couldn’t be without my camera. When you leave a place, the only memory you take with you are your pictures! Of course you will remember this moment and this moment, but to watch your pictures after a couple of months let you live this moment again in his hole entire way.

To get good pictures isn’t that hard. Here some ideas:

  • I often layed on the ground… get something in focus so your background gets blurry (how I like to say it)


  • Hold your camera high up so you get another view that gives you the chance to make better pictures of buildings.
  • If you take pictures of your animal or of kids, get down so you are on the same level as them. It looks better than to make the picture from top of them. You get to see their reel expression.
  • Don’t try to zoom all in with your camera, use your feet and you still can zoom with your camera.

cologne Dom with my brother



I Recommend…

…For every Sony alpha 6000 Fan, I totally recommend the book of  Martin Vieten. His book about the alpha 6000 explains everything you need to know about this camera. The best things about it: You can take the book everywhere you go because it has the perfect size!

…Sony Bibel the newspaper for Sony Fans. Getting some good ideas from the best photographs in this world! They also write articles about the youngest Sony cameras and lenses. Sony Bibel is from Digital photo.

Über Maren

Hey Guys. traveling the world is definitly not boring! my life is full of adventures, funny storys and a lot of excitement. people that you meet, things that you do, places you find, there is so much going on, but especially I found to myself, I figured out who i'm and what I want. traveling gave me something that nothing else could, it changed my life completly in a positive way! to find out more just read my articels :) enjoy yourself and have a lovely time! cheers maren

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