Choose your camera well!

From 2015 – 2017 I was using a Olympus sp 510 uz.

It was a present from my dad one day. In 2015 I had no idea about cameras. I knew how to push that little button on top and heeey I have a picture. But there is so much more about cameras.

December 2017 I decided to buy a Sony alpha 6000 with a E16 – 50 mm zoom lens and a E55 – 210 mm zoom lens. A little bit different to my old camera 😀 and definitly more fun!

Sony alpha 6000 is a systemcamera and simular to a reflex camera (my opinion: the systemcamera is better). Some people swear they would never use anything else than a reflex camera.

My new camera is small and easy to handle. Perfect for Travellers. A quick change with the lenses makes it easy to keep the best moments in your life.

perspective change