Roadtrip from brisbane to Sydney

A roadtrip from Brisbane to sydney offers you so many opportunitys. Where should I go? What should I do? Australia is just to big.

My stops: Brisbane, Gold coast/ surfers paradise, Mt. Warnings, Byron Bay, Yamba, Evans Head,  Arrawarra beach, Sandys Beach, Coffs  Harbour, Bellingen, Armidale, Tamworth, Quirindi, Mudgee, Sofala, Katoomba/ Blue Mountains, Sydney

We were renting a spaceship for 300 $ for two weeks. It was an old spaceship, but still good, normaly they are more expensive. Website for spaceships . Of course there always different offers.

We started of in Brisbane and made our way directly to the Gold Coast. We knew someone there and we also slept at his house. I totally recommend a visit at the wildlife currumbin sanctuary.  That was my first time I cuddled a coala. The Park itself was beautiful, you get to see a lot of wildlife animals. Just before the Park closes they got kind of like a bird show. Wild birds get fed, everyone who wants can hold a bowl with milk and the birds fly right on your arm to drink out of the bowl. Take some tissues with you, sometimes they shit on you.

For Chinese lovers I totally recommend Burleigh Chinese in 8 West str. Burleigh Heads Qld 4220…. Good meal for good prices and the rice was just awesome, together with Honey Chicken, I thought I’m in heaven.

I also recommend the Kirra Hotel in Miles str. & Marine Parade Gold Coast 4225…It was a bit chaotic but the meal was really good.

I recommend the Springbrook National Park it offers good Hiking walks and some beautiful waterfalls like the Tallanbana Falls, Tamarrami Falls and the Talagagong Rainbow Falls.

Our next stop was at Mt. Warnings. There is only one street how you can get up to the Hiking way, just at the bottom of Mt. Warnings is a camping place. I totally recommend it because there were clean toilets/ bathroom and  you can get Wi-fi for a couple of dollars. The Hiking way isn’t something for beginners, It’s a long way up and just at the top you need to climb up the Rocks. Take some good shoes with you, enough to drink and something to eat.

Byron Bay is the most eastern point in Australia. We were watching the sun set at the lighthouse. You have a beautiful view over the beach, the sun was standing behind the houses and let the sky gets red.

The next day we drove to a place called yamba, we stoped at the beach to watch some wild waves. You will get to see some beautiful beaches. I also recommend Evans Head, Arrawarra Beach and Sandys Beach. 

sandys beach

Evans Head

arrawarra beach


In Coffs Harbour we started to go through the inland and our first stop was Bellingen. It is a small little town, really cute and very friendly people. From Bellington to Admiral is the Waterfall highway. along that street you will get to see beautiful waterfalls like Baker creek falls, Newell falls, Ebor falls and the second highest waterfall: the Wollombini Falls. We also stoped at the new england national park, this park offers a couple of free camping places and a beautiful sun rise. The doringo national park offers good Hiking walks .

A stop in Tamworth is definitly a good idea. Thereisn’t much to do but to have a break in a coffe shop is always a good idea.

The Pub in Quirindi was a special evening for us. There weren’t many people but we had the funniest night. I also celebrated my birthday there 🙂 just around the corner from the Pub is a camping place with washing machines, bathrooms and a kitchen.

Book a winetour in Mudgee with  Mudgee Explorer Tours       She offers a good program for her customers. You can arrange a pick up location in mudgee so you won’t have to worry about driving after to much wine. She will go for lunch with you wherever you wanna go and she also drops you off at the end of the day.

Sofala is a cute little town on the way from Mudgee to Katoomba. Just a few houses and a pub, that’s pretty much it. The Pub is a classic Pub, a fire station, pool table and a bar. Girls, be careful with the boys! They know what they want and they try to get so hard as they can 🙂

Katoomba is a very touristic place. The Blue Mountains are worth a visit!

The Three Sisters, which tower above the Jamison Valley and stand at 922, 918 and 906 meters respectively. According to Aboriginal dreamtime legend, three sisters named Meehni, Wimiah and Gunnedoo were turned to stones for their own protection after beeing forbidden to marry three brothers from a different tribe.

Echo Piont, perched on the egde of the escarpment and offering a direct view of the Three Sisters, is where several of Katoomba’s finest walking trails begin. The Giant Stairway, comprising eight hundred steps, leads down to the valley floor and joins the Federal Pass trail – a 1.5 km track that takes you to the base of Katoomba Falls and Scenic Railway, which you can catch back up to the top.

here’s also plenty of natural beauty to encounter here. As you enter the village from the east, a right turn leads to Victoria Falls Lookout. which offers a commanding view over Victoria Creek and leads down to Silver Cascades – the ideal spot for a refreshing summer dip.

Mount Piddington provides views across Kanimbla valley, and a drive down Kanimbla Valley Road reveals a series of walking tracks, that direct you to Pulpit Rock, Bede’s Lookout, Reinit’s Pass and Ross Cave

The last stop of this Roadtrip is Sydney. We only spend one day here and of course we visited the Opera house and the Harbour bridge. I recommend to park your car out of the city, or choose a good parking house and walk down to the city. Next to the Opera House is a park, on this day we could take a mini train trip through the park which offeres you good views over the Opera House without 1000′ s of people in your picture.

Hope you enjoy your roadtrip! Save travels!

Über Maren

Hey Guys. traveling the world is definitly not boring! my life is full of adventures, funny storys and a lot of excitement. people that you meet, things that you do, places you find, there is so much going on, but especially I found to myself, I figured out who i'm and what I want. traveling gave me something that nothing else could, it changed my life completly in a positive way! to find out more just read my articels :) enjoy yourself and have a lovely time! cheers maren

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