Sodwana Bay – everything you need for a perfect vacation

Sodwana Bay was one of the most special places I visited. Why?

  1. Because I watched an elephant fight.
  2. Because I had another special safari trip.
  3. Because of the people I met.

At first if you need a sim card for Southafrica I recommend the MTN network. Works pretty good and it is cheap.

Don’t take a taxi from the airport in Durban to the city – it is expensive! (700 southafrican dollar) –  There are buses and they are way much cheaper! (80 southafrican dollar)

In Durban I recommend the Happy Hippo Backpackers . They are very friendly and well organised. They can book you trips or buses, it is clean and they offer you good wifi.

In Durban you have to go to the minibus station or they call it the taxi rank. The taxi drivers know exactly where it is. There you take the bus to mbazwana. You cannot book a ticket. It is a first come first save basis. You have to be at the minibus station at 8.30 am. The bus leaves in between 8.30 am to 4 pm. It depends on how quickly the bus is full with people.  The bus will cost you 180 Southafrican dollar.

In Mbazwana arrived I got picked up from Pieter. I found him on, he offered me a wwoofing place. I actually haven’t done so much work at his place. He got one rule: only do what you like to do! Peter lives in Sodwana Bay. His house actually doesn’t have an adress because he lives in the middle of nowhere.

Pieter took me to the National Park for Safari in Mbazwana. We were camping in the national park. We slept with only sleeping bags on the roof of the car. This was my first special adventure. A sky with full of stars. We watched so many animals. It is something special. I totally recommend to go on a safari tour.


A week later we went to the Tembe National Park. It is an elephant park. At our last break, we went up on a tower. On the bottom were some elphants, they could get water from there. One elephant left, so there was only one. A few minutes later another one came and wanted to drink as well. The other one started a figth with him. That was one of the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen!

Safari is really something special and I hope everyone get to see something special on their safari tour.

There is a beach close to pieters place. Only a few minutes to walk. Absolutly stunning. Km long without anythingto see, no houses, no people. On the way to the beach you come across a lake and you can watch hippos coming out of the water. If you are lucky you find come crocodiles as well.

Unfortunatly pieter has problems with his helpx account in the moment. He is also available on other websites. Just search for pieter in Sodwana Bay.

Über Maren

Hey Guys. traveling the world is definitly not boring! my life is full of adventures, funny storys and a lot of excitement. people that you meet, things that you do, places you find, there is so much going on, but especially I found to myself, I figured out who i'm and what I want. traveling gave me something that nothing else could, it changed my life completly in a positive way! to find out more just read my articels :) enjoy yourself and have a lovely time! cheers maren

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