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How to get around the world without to be a millionaire

If you go on traveling for a longer period and you don’t have rich parents, you have to work. Well sometimes it is easy to find work and sometimes it isn’t. Once I arrived at my new job with only two dollars left in my pockets. Sometimes you have to do things that you don’t like to do. Distribute your applications everywhere.

Save money: 

  • Don’t stay in Hotels
  • Look on websites like Airbnb
  • Stay in Hostels
  • Couch surfing  website

Or try wwoofing.  What is wwofing?


You can get work as a waitress, barmate or dishwasher in most of the places. Look for work in Hotels in the kitchen or try to find a cleaning spot.

Some people on traveling already have an exam in something. I worked for four months in Auckland as a dental assistant for an agency.

Try to find your talent and I’m sure everyone has a talent. My big dream is training horses, I did get jobs as a horse trainer.

Supermarkets, fill up shelves. They always need some help.

Try to find farms like Vegetable farms, Fruit farms, Cow/ Horse farms.

Travel Apps

Campermate for New Zealand: it shows you camping places, nice places you should visit, restaurants, hostels, hospitals, gas stations, water stations, toiletts, … and a lot more. I totally recommend this app for your trip through new zealand. This app is for free

Whatsapp: stay in touch with your family for free. You can text, sending pictures  and call anytime.

Facebook: I think most of the people have facebook, but it’s also good to stay in touch with your family on facebook messenger and sharing your pictures anytime.

Google Maps: the perfect navigation app for everywhere. Don’t waste your money to buy a navigation just get the app.




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